MUST HAVE: The Flavour Shaker

08 Dec

Jamie Oliver’s latest invention is one of those things where you initially think to yourself “These celeb chefs will do anything for a little bit of moolah.”

Created to replace the primitive mortar and pestle, the Flavour Shaker serves to crush, mix and release flavours from herbs, spices, nuts… even  citrus. It all comes down to the magical ball. This super duper magic ball is ceramic and does all the hard work, crushing, bashing and basically blasting the shit out of anything unfortunate enough to be placed at its’ mercy. Chuck your herbs and spices in, add some liquids if you want to make a marinade or a dressing and presto- you just pour it over your food, minimal fuss, minimal mess and minimal time. No more splattering garlic and semi-mashed peppercorns all over your kitchen walls, oh no, the Flavour Shaker is quick, easy and efficient- just what all modern, lazy cooks nowadays need!

And if you needed any further reason to rush out and buy a little piece of Jamie Oliver to make your cooking half-credible, watch the ads. I particularly like the ass-shaker. How fun!

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Posted by on December 8, 2006 in General


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