Falling off the cupcake bandwagon

05 Jan

Remember how I was enthused about cupcakes for like, five minutes, a while ago?

Well, after a costly trip to Coles, an assortment of piping bag tips and a vast array of coloured patty cases, I am officially OVER IT.

I’m not very good at baking at the best of times, which is why I usually bake when I’m depressed.

My husband knows that the moment he comes in and smells the aromas of something sweet baking in the oven, that something is UP.

Well, my attempt at becoming a cupcake goddess was pretty lame. I mean, the cupcakes themselves tasted good. I was very precise with all my measurements, for the first time, like, ever.

But my patty cases were a little too cheap  floppy and they sort of didn’t retain their nice round shape. And I didn’t put enough mixture into each case.

And then the icing. Oh boy. I just don’t want to talk about it.

Now I have all these bloody baking and icing supplies- but I doubt I will be getting back on the cupcake bandwagon in the near future.

You should have seen the way I iced these things. They were hideous.

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Posted by on January 5, 2007 in General


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