Top 10 Recipes of 2009… According To Me

02 Dec

3. Eggs Benedict

In my opinion, 2009 was the year that breakfast came back into vogue.

Prior to that, breakfast was a muesli bar hanging from your mouth while you applied your mascara in your rearview mirror in the car.

Breakfast was two mouthfuls of hideous tasting bran cereal that was guaranteed to be “good for your insides”  between wiping baby barf off your shoulder and tripping over Lego blocks.

Breakfast was a cup of dirty dishwasher passed off as coffee and a bacon and egg muffin at your local Macca’s drive through.

And then we had this revelation. That breakfast could be so much more, another meal to be enjoyed and savoured rather than just fuel for the day- something to keep us going until lunch time or disguise morning breath.

Then we rediscovered the old classics, Eggs Bendict, Eggs Florentine, a good old fashioned Big Breakfast and we reinvented them, modernised them and made them mouthwatering additions to every cafe menu in the city.

On Sunday mornings, people started putting effort into their breakfasts and breakfast became a more popular social gathering than ever before.

One of my favourite breakfast recipes is this one here, for Eggs Benedict. Hope you enjoy.

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