7 Day Challenge: Dinner on the table in under 30 minutes

11 Dec

Most people I speak to don’t actually have a problem with cooking every day. They want to eat good, healthy, home-cooked dinners, but there are too many factors that make it too hard and they end up at the drive thru window instead.

The most common problems I hear people discuss are a lack of ideas or inspiration, the clean-up factor, lack of fresh ingredients and that they just don’t have time. Why would someone slave away in the kitchen for an hour when they could just pick up a pizza, finish the pizza and be onto dessert within the same hour?

People love to eat a good, nutritional and flavourful meal, but it’s too hard to contemplate a gastronomic challenge when you’ve just gotten home after a long, exhausting day, your feet hurt from being stuffed into ill-fitting shoes, you have a headache, the kids are fighting over their Dora the Explorer toy and your husband is nuzzling your neck and trying to get all jiggy up in that.

I’m trying really hard to practice what I preach, so over the next 7 days, I am going to commit to cooking every single day, without exception (I eat out way too many nights a week). And I’m going to get that meal on the table within 30 minutes of unlocking the front door and having my customary quick mini nervous breakdown after work.

So if you’re going to do the 7 Day Challenge with me, get your oven mitts on, and be inspired. Recipes to come.

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Posted by on December 11, 2009 in General


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