Ham, Camembert & Cranberry Toasted Sandwich on Turkish Bread

12 Dec

I struggle with lunch. Especially taking lunch to work, which I know is the right thing to be doing instead of blowing $80 a week on crap from the cafe, which I know is going to be shit before I buy it, but meh, up shit creek without a paddle and all that kinda stuff.

To be honest, the last thing I am thinking about at 7am is putting together something delicious for lunch-it’s usually something more like “What can I get away with wearing that looks the closest to ironed?” and “Shit, I smudged my mascara. Maybe if I rub it with a cotton bud, people will think I am going for the smokey eye look.”

Shh, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking I should make my lunch the night before work.

Well, I would if I wasn’t so exhausted by the bombsite that is my kitchen, folding a mountain of laundry, having a domestic with my husband and trying to find the TV remote control, I’d consider it. But then I’d have to put something together that could endure a night in the fridge and still be appetizing the next day.

Then came my love affair with Turkish bread. So delicious and moreish, you could put practically anything between two slices of Turkish bread and I would consider eating it. And let’s be honest, I am going to leave the fancy pants ingredients for other bloggers- as much as I would love to eat a Turkish roll with some amazing, exotic ingredients, I’m all about keeping it real and attainable… and quick.


1 Turkish roll, halved lengthways

2 slices honey ham (you could also use turkey, or chicken breast)

3-4 slices Camembert (or Brie) cheese

Cranberry Jelly

Mesclun lettuce


  1. Spread cranberry jelly over bottom half of roll.
  2. Lay out the slices of Camembert cheese, top with ham slices.
  3. Pop the top slice of the roll on, spray with a fine mist of oil spray and put in the sandwich press for 3-5 minutes, until cheese is melted and bread is crispy. If the smoke detector goes off, it’s too late and you should just slink away to the cafe and shell out another $10.00 for a salad.
  4. Once you’ve removed it from the sandwich press, and allowed it to cool down, stuff it silly with your lettuce mix and eat it. A last minute squirt of mayo is also yum, but you didn’t hear it from me!

Other topping ideas for Turkish rolls:

  • Chargrilled Mediterranean vegetables– you could chargrill the vegies ahead of time, or simply buy them from the deli. Spread your base with a tasty tapenade or capsicum relish or even onion jam and layer your vegies with some sliced bocconcini cheese before putting in the sandwich press or under the grill.
  • Chicken, brie, mango chutney and baby spinach – one of my favourites, I crave this one frequently. Use a poached or roasted chicken breast, sliced finely. Spread the base with a generous amount of mango chutney, then add your Brie and baby spinach before putting it into the sandwich press. Thank me later.
  • Tandoori chicken, baby spinach & Spanish onion with cucumber yoghurt– Marinate your chicken breast in tandoori sauce or alternatively you can use a tandoori curry paste. Once the chicken has cooled (I’d recommend in the fridge for a few hours to really let those flavours intensify), slice thinly. Layer generously on your roll, top with finely sliced Spanish onion and baby spinach, then put in the sandwich press. While that is crisping up, mix a small amount of yoghurt with some grated cucumber (not quite a raita, but close enough for lunch on the fly). You could make this ahead of time and take to work in a separate little container. Once your sandwich is ready, remove the top slice and apply your dollop of yoghurt, then put the slice back on, let it all smoosh in and enjoy.
  • Roast beef, seeded mustard, Swiss cheese & onion relish with rocket– spread the seeded mustard on the top slice of the bread, spread the onion relish on the bottom slice. Add the roast beef slices, then the cheese- grill until the cheese is melted, then add your rocket to serve.
  • Prosciutto, pesto, sundried tomato & mozzarella– you can use pesto or fresh basil leaves on the bottom slice of bread. Then apply the mozzarella (sliced or grated), the sundried tomato and then top with prosciutto before putting in the sandwich press.

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2 responses to “Ham, Camembert & Cranberry Toasted Sandwich on Turkish Bread

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