Eggs with Toasted Ciabatta, Avocado & Crispy Pancetta

05 Apr

This year, my New Year’s Resolution was to start eating breakfast. This came after years of skipping breakfast entirely in favour of a bigger lunch or eating something regrettable in the car on the way to work or snacking mid-morning. All of which we know is evil and wrong, but I had never been a big breakfast eater.

I liked the idea of breakfast, but making the idea a reality was often in the ‘too hard’ basket. My mornings were usually a train wreck on their own with me sleeping in by half an hour, smearing mascara all over my eyelids after finishing the most perfect eyeshadow and snapping a heel on the way to the car.

So this year, I promised myself to make an effort to eat breakfast more regularly and actually put some effort into it, rather than Coco Pops out of the box or an oh-so-nutritious *insert eyeroll* breakfast bar or shake.

Four months into it, I am still reaching for the easy option, but that’s now fresh fruit, yoghurt or a piece of wholegrain toast on most mornings. But on the weekends, I’m starting to make our own brekkie rather than lazing around in cafes while somebody cooks my breakfast for me while I play Bejeweled on my iPhone.

This brekkie was very simple, but very tasty. The recipe serves 2.


Olive oil

4 eggs

1 ciabatta roll, sliced thickly

6 pieces pancetta

1 tomato, cut into thick slices

1/2 avocado, sliced


  1. Drizzle olive oil over slices of ciabatta and toast under the grill until golden, but not too crunchy. You want the bread soft enough to soak up all the delicious eggy goo.
  2. While the grill is on, lay your pancetta and tomato slices on a tray and also cook under the grill. You want the the pancetta to be crispy and your tomatoes to still be firm, but deliciously sweet. Season tomatoes with a touch of salt and pepper.
  3. Cook eggs to your liking, my husband likes them fried, so we fry. I personally would have preferred poached but couldn’t be bothered getting another pan out.
  4. When the eggs are cooked, assemble the toast, tomato and eggs on your plate. Top with crispy pancetta and slices of avocado.  My favourite part is smooshing the avocado into the toast, then topping with a bit of tomato and pancetta.


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