Stuffed Mushrooms with Bacon & Camembert

16 Jun

I’ve never had the balls to try stuffed mushrooms before. I had always reluctantly admired from afar, but the reality of baked, spongy fungi filled with different cheeses, vegetables and herbs…well to say I wasn’t completely sold on the idea.

So after picking up some lovely mushrooms at the local farm, I decided to bite the bullet and get on with it and make my first real stuffed mushrooms. AND I LOVED IT!

This recipe is so versatile- the basic premise for each variation is to include some sorting of melting gooey cheese to bind the filling, fresh herbs and crunchy breadcrumbs on top.

My concoction had a mixture of oozing mozzarella and creamy Camembert cheese with the tiniest sprinkle of grated Parmesan cheese, fresh rosemary and parsely, spring onions, lemon zest for a little bit of sunshine and crispy bits of bacon, which of course can be omitted for vegetarians.

I’m really not sure how many people this recipe will serve, this made about 4 big mushrooms, which I happily devoured myself, so the portion sizes are completely up to you. This is one of those moments where measurements go out the window and you work by touch and intuition of sorts…. and well, let’s be straight, you can’t really ruin it. It’s mushroom. And cheese. And crumbs.

  • Ingredients
  • Large field mushrooms
  • Mozzarella, sliced thinly
  • Camembert, sliced thinly
  • Spring onion, sliced
  • Fresh parsley, chopped
  • Fresh rosemary, chopped
  • Chopped/minced garlic
  • Lemon zest
  • Bacon, diced and fried
  • Grated Parmesan cheese
  • Olive oil
  • Garlic & Herb store-bought breadcrumbs (or make your own)
  • Salt and pepper, to taste.


  1. Preheat oven to 180C.
  2. Remove the stalks from the mushroom and chop finely.
  3. Combine chopped mushroom stalks, cheeses, spring onion, herbs, garlic, lemon zest and crispy bacon, stir well. Season to taste.
  4. Spoon the filling into the mushroom caps, sprinkle with breadcrumbs and drizzle with olive oil.
  5. Bake in the oven for about 20 minutes until the tops are golden.
  6. Serve with lightly dressed salad greens.

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